general info

Thanks to all of you who joined us for Lent!  We hope that you enjoyed reading our reflections over the past six weeks.

Now that we have celebrated Easter and the season of Lent has come to an end, so have our posts on that season.  In the weeks ahead, we plan to post devotionals, as well as articles on writing, on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please stop back by and feel free to leave a comment. 


Goals and expectations:
To provide feedback on how to improve our writing.
To provide some structure and accountability in being disciplined to write
To provide encouragement to one another and pray for one another

General format:
Open sharing
Checking in on accountability goals
Critiques or Assignment review
Prayer requests

New members:
Anyone can invite a new member to join, but the group would appreciate a heads up before you do so. It’s not an approval process, but more of a courtesy. However, we did discuss using a lot of discretion in inviting new members right now. We enjoy having the group smaller, especially while we’re just getting started and figuring out how this will work.

*Lesson – one person per month teaches the group something (something you’ve learned, a how-to, a tip, a review of a book on writing, etc); 10-20 minutes long