Open Sharing
Accountability check-in
Advent Devotional: 1) Review submissions, 2) Make adjustments to schedule, themes, etc.

Assignment: Write 2 devotionals for our Advent Devotional Booklet on any of the four topics. Submit to the group via email by August 19th. Should fill one 1/2 sheet (5.5″ X 8.5″) using 1″ margins on all sides, in Arial, 12 point font, single spaced. Should begin with a key verse and end with a 1-2 line prayer.

Action: Please bring a copy of each person’s devotions with you and your specific thoughts on them. We’ll use our time for group editing in the next meeting.

Advent Devotional Information
Purpose: Help women to center themselves on Christ during the holiday season
Four themes for each week: Prepare, Rest, Hope, Enjoy
24 devotions, each person will do one devotional for each theme.
Will include an introduction, 24 devotions, a reflection/personal and family application for each week
Additional idea is to include extra pages throughout: recipes, reading recommendations, outreach ideas, history/Jewish roots, song lyrics…


JULY 22 Agenda
Open Sharing
Accountability check-in
Assignment review

New assignment:
In 1500 words or less, use the following elements in an essay (fiction, non-fiction or poetry): Cruise ship in the setting, Freedom as a theme and incorporate the phrase “Dance like no one is watching.” I liked how we did it before, if that’s okay. Post it on the blog by midnight, Saturday, July 21. In the labels, include your name, “assignment” and any other labels you want to add.

Advent Devotional
We discussed writing a daily advent devotional, possibly to be distributed through the Women’s Ministry.
*Discuss and plan the advent devotional schedule.
*Make assignments.
*Brainstormed ideas (so far): Jewish background, stress, traditions, difficulties, aspects of the nativity
*Action: Sarah talk to Jenifer about devotional (printing, distribution)


JUNE 24 Meeting Agenda
Open Sharing
Accountability check-in (see Goals below)
Assignment review

Assignment: In 500 words or less, write a piece entitled: What I did on my summer vacation… (interpreted and embellished however you want)

Goals discussion
*Define a long term goal you have for your writing
*Outline any steps you know you need to take to get there
*If desired or needed, gather group suggestions
Prayer requests