One of the things this group has helped me do is to just say it.  To say that yes, I am a wr..wri…writer.  No, I’m not going pro anytime soon, but after years of denial, it feels so good to finally be around like-minded women who share my passion.  Still, though, I don’t share this with any Joe-shmoe. 

So last weekend we went swimming over at our new neighbor’s house.  We were doing the normal get-to-know you chit-chat when the guy and I started to talk about films.  He seemed to have quite a bit of knowledge when I said, “Yeah, I’m a writer.”  Actually, I’m sure I threw in a “kind of” before the “a writer” part, but nonetheless, I got it out.  And boy did it feel good…for about 1/10 of second when he replied, “Oh yeah, my Dad’s a writer.”  Hmmmm.  “What does he write?”  I asked.  Turns out this guy’s Dad is a legendary screenwriter, producer, and did I mention…an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker!!  Right.  Ok, did I just tell this guy I was a writer? 

Ok, I know I’m still a writer and this is a God-given passion.  I know that I need to just learn from those who have walked before me. . . I know, I know, I know.  But that was a BIG bite of humble pie and as bitter as it always tastes, it usually keeps me from going back for more.  I don’t want to cower in the midst of more serious writers, more successful writers, but like some of us say in our group, “Who am I kidding?” 

How do you all react to more successful writers?  Do you ever find yourself “playing down” your writing to those people?  Share a humbling moment 🙂