I recently finished a book called Bringing Home the Prodigals by Rob Parsons as a part of a blog tour for the book. For me, this book was a great reminder of our role in the church body, and how we can serve both parents (or loved ones) of prodigals and prodigals themselves.

I highlighted this particular point in the second chapter of the book:

The truth is that many of us carry a little bag on our backs. It is labeled “How to Be a Good Christian.” The bag contains, among other things, the way we have been taught to worship, to tithe, our attitude toward alcohol, the way we use our money, the movies we see, the way we think we hear God’s voice, and our attitude about politics. In my more foolish moments I kid myself that I have managed to lose the bag – that I am now free of it – but the truth is the old bag will not so easily be laid down. Each of is tied more closely to our culture than we can possibly imagine. The great danger, both to myself and others, is when I decide to put my bag on the shoulders of another Christian.

As writers, we often seek to teach Biblical truth or encourage others in their faith through our writing. How can we guard against putting our “bag” on the shoulders of another Christian?