I missed my last posting….so thought I would double up this time to make up for it.


I am not big on editing ( as maybe I have mentioned before).  I brain dump when I write.  Kind of like the pensive Dumbledorf has in the Harry Potter series. I write to remember, to process and hopefully connect.

But even a girl like me is fond of the delete button.  I can’t tell you the number of blogs that have been erased before ever making it on to the world wide web.  It makes me miss the old fashioned journal a bit.  There was no deleting there.  It all remained.  The good with the bad.

I hit delete for different reasons. Because I can’t get the words out quite right.  Because I am afraid to offend.  Because it isn’t as good as my friend’s postings.  Because I am not sure will know relate to what I am talking about and confirm that indeed I am some kind of freak. Because I am afraid it stinks.

I’m sure you can see the common theme. Fear. Hitting delete is far easier than facing these fears.  I wonder what kinds of wonders real writers curmpled up and threw in their trashcans?  Yes, some of what comes out is junk. Even from the best of us……….and maybe not every little thought deserves to go up on my blog ( or even worse this writers group one)…..but fear should not be the deciding factor.

Ready for the irony?  I am running out of things to say here and questioning this post in the first place.  The delete button to my right is looking really tempting.   I will leave it, even if this is not my “best” work so that the rest of you will think twice about hitting delete. 


Our titles define how we see things.

Our eye adjusts to the names we call ourselves.  Christian. Mom. Friend. Daughter.  If I am watching a movie as a mom, I notice every cuss word.  If I am out with a friend, I am just as likely to let a few slip.

One of my good friends recently took up photography and we keep talking about having a good eye for shots, lighting, moments and so on.  A good camera can only get you so far.  Your eye has to do the rest.  This is true of all artists.  Especially writers.  My finished product may not be a visual one but it all begins with a writer’s eye.  When I am writing consistently moments happen differently.  I seem to notice more details.  Remember funny phrases and process my emotions simultaneously.  When I am not writing – sometimes they just happen.  I might remember them later.  I pay more attention when I take in a scene or event as a writer, in addition to whatever other role I am playing at the time.  Even the mundane boring moments can find richness and depth that I would not have noticed otherwise.

I often think,   “I should blog about this” and my writing eye kicks in.  Unlike the photographer I am not hiding behind a lens.  I am in the middle of it, trying to memorize as much of it as I can.  I don’t always remember to get it down on paper………but the experience is always enhanced. 

Is this the norm?  Do the rest of you see things differently when you are writing consistently or is your “eye” just always on?