Last week, I took my computer in to get fixed because it had been acting a little funny.  With the one-year warranty date rapidly approaching, I figured the computer just needed a little tweaking.  Like a car needing a tune-up.  Little did I know that the diagnostics that the computer geniuses would run would cause the computer to comletely crash.  Only after I heard that my computer had died did I realize that I hadn’t been routinely backing up my documents.  For MONTHS.

Thankfully, one of the computer geniuses revived my computer briefly.  Long enough to allow me to back up all of my pictures and documents.  I was so thankful not to have lost the past year’s worth of writing.

That experience has made me think about how I can get into a habit of backing up my documents on a more regular basis.  I can write myself a note and stick it to my computer screen as a reminder, but I was wondering if any of you have fun tips for remembering this important, but often overlooked, part of the writing process.