I’ve been reading a book called Never Say Diet by Chantal Hobbs, and one of the keys she shares to achieving sustained healthy living is to stop making excuses. She encourages her readers to recognize that all of the reasons they give for not exercising – as justified as they seem in our brains – are just excuses. And we need to stop allowing excuses to keep us from achieving the healthy body and lifestyle we desire.

As I mentioned last time, when we have a passion and desire to write, we should exercise that gift. As I thought through this lesson of not making excuses, I began to see how it applies to other areas of my life. Time is my number one easy excuse for almost everything, and yet I find time to blog, watch TV . . . even make lists. If I see exercising my gift and passion to write as an issue of stewardship, then no excuse is worth burying that talent in the ground (Remember Matt 25:26?).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that exercising this gift of words looks the same in every season. For now, it may be journaling, writing a blog post a week, or jotting down ideas for the future. But for some it might be actually setting word count goals, writing a magazine article, or drafting a proposal. Or perhaps it is reading really great books or attending a conference or training.

But before we get there, we have to overcome the mountain of excuses we let pile up between us and our passion to write.

So what’s your excuse?