(ack! this didn’t get posted yesterday . . .sorry!)

Some of us aspire to be published authors of books or magazine articles or devotionals. Others simply write because we don’t know how to walk through life without it. Regardless, God has implanted within us a gift and a passion to write. When I attended my first writer’s conference, I spent the first day walking around in awe, and the next couple days feeling completely out of place. Why did I ever consider myself to be a writer? That evening, our keynote speaker (Liz Curtis Higgs) spoke directly to my overwhelmed heart. She said that those of us who desire to write seem to think everyone carries that same desire, but the reality is, not everyone does. So if we feel it, then God put it there. And if God put it there, we can’t bury our gift. It may be that He has called us to write the next Great American Novel. Or it may be that we use our words to encourage those in our lives through hand-written notes or emails. Regardless, we must use our gift.

I left that evening encouraged to use my gift no matter where that took me. Publication or not. Fame or obscurity. I knew that God would use my small offering for His glory, and I was finally willing to offer it. I’ve since published a couple articles, continue to think about book ideas, and blog (of course!) But I also try to take the time to write notes of encouragement or give a gift of written prayer from time to time. I’m just trying to be a good steward of this passion for words that He has given me.

So, how about you? How are you using your gift of words – even in a small way – today?