Lately my blog has been pretty blank.  I can make plenty of excuses for it and most of them are even valid.  I have been sick and tired and busy, but mostly I am just out of habit.  You know like when you skip 2 days at the gym and suddenly you don’t go back for weeks.

It isn’t quite like riding a bike. It is more like math or playing the violin. If you are out of practice – it shows.  The notes (or words) don’t come as easily.  Mistakes abound.  And the worst part I stop looking at the world as a writer.  I don’t think back to an event, conversation or experience and put it into words.  It is mostly lost. 

There are dozens of things I was going to blog about over the last 6 weeks.  Trips, conversations, realizations but 90% of them did not find their way onto paper and now never will. Those profound moments I wanted to document are already forgotten.


People always say that bad habits are hard to break, but I think good habits are even harder to keep.


It is weird to talk about good positive creative things as habit.  Shouldn’t creative processes be spontaneous?  But the truth is… all gets better with practice.  I see and process the world differently when I am writing about it. When I am not it just seems to slip by.


So a few questions to leave you with….How do you get back on the bike after an extended break?  How do you maintain good writing practices without making your writing sound too routine?