This writer’s group has done wonders for me.  First of all, it has made me write!  Secondly, it has gotten me out of my comfort zone – remember the panic of writing about a cruise ship, freedom, and dancing like no one’s watching?!  And finally, it’s just made me feel like a writer.  A wannabe writer, but a writer nonetheless.  Talking with other writers, reading their work, hearing their ideas, and helping them find direction is exhilarating. Writing can be a very personal thing for me, but sharing it has been such a blessing and something I never thought I would do.  For example, if someone would have asked me alone to write an Advent Devotional, I would have said, “No way!”  But together as a group, we stood strong and created an inspirational body of work.

Do you think community in the writer’s world is helpful?  How has it changed your writing?