This weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my family in my hometown.  Although my town is not so pretty, it just makes me smile being there.  On Saturday night, I got to spend a little time with my Grandma.  She’s an amazing woman, but the past five years have not been a friend to her.  For someone that should always be honored, it’s clear that old age has stripped her of the dignity she deserves.  As my five year old son and I sat “talking” to her, he gave her a sweet kiss and told her that he loved her.  I was overwhelmed by emotion.  Although he will hear my stories of her as he grows older, he will simply never get to see her as she truly is.  It not only leaves me heartbroken, but motivated.  Motivated to capture her and the matriarch that she was and will always be.  I suppose that’s why I have always written.  Not to be published, not so others will read, but simply to capture things.  Whether it’s my hometown, my family, a memory or perhaps a moment of fiction, I want it on paper to make it real. 

So what motivates you to write?  What is it about this God-given urge that makes you fascinated with piecing together words to go on paper?