This week on my blog, I’ve strolled down memory lane.  Concert memory lane to be more precise.  It’s been pure fun to see which musicians others are drawn to.

Music and the written word share so much in common.  But there’s something about music that gives it the edge in conveying messages, in my opinion.

With music, the beat sets the tone and gives clues to the listener about what the songwriter was trying to convey.  Consequently, the listener is not forced to rely solely on the words in the song.

Similarly, the spoken word provides the listener with volume and tone.  And if the communication is made in person, it also provides facial expressions and the opportunity to ask questions.

Written words, sans a musical score, often leave me wondering what the tone should be.  Or maybe it’s just my words when I read them back over.  I question whether the reader will track my intended tone without my resorting to using special characters to create smiley faces and such.  Maybe it’s my inexperience or my penchant for writing nonfiction instead of fiction.    

So how do you, fellow writers, convey tone through words alone in your emails, letters, and books?