I had been irritated all day long. By everything. By nothing in particular.

By the time I got into my car to head to writer’s group, I knew I was going over the edge and needed to put on the brakes (not literally) fast. Finally (why do I wait so long??) I went to Jesus and laid it all at His feet. In the stillness that ensued, He revealed a lot of junk defiling my heart. Ugh. Thoughts of spring cleaning immediately came to mind.

When I returned home and shared my revelation with my husband, I mentioned that a blog post about it all was coming. He considered me for a moment, and then asked, “What is the attraction to blogging about something like that?” His question gave me pause. He didn’t ask out of a critical spirit or sarcastically; he truly didn’t understand what drives me to blog about my life and my thoughts – to put it all out there.

So that’s my question to you. Why do you blog? What drives you to continue blogging? I’ll chime in with my response to him a little later.