What comes to mind when you think of spring cleaning?  Do you immediately put the thought out of your mind because it conjures up a mile-long list of chores that you’d rather not do?  Or do you relish the thought of freshening up the house a bit and getting rid of some old things?

I like the organizing part of spring cleaning, the-get-rid-of-that-unattractive-item part.  I don’t look forward to the heavy-duty cleaning part of spring cleaning, even though I know my house needs it.  So this year, I indulged and hired a cleaning service.

It was a scary prospect.  For one, I was a little leery of allowing strangers to snoop around in my house, even if they would be getting rid of the dust and dog hair that is so prevalent in my house.  For another, could I truly afford this indulgence?  And would I be able to control the urge to have this done all the time if I really liked the job these people did? 

I got over the first two hurdles, thanks to a little dose of courage and financial help from my tax refund, and now I just have to keep telling myself this was a one-time, special treat.

And special it was!  I was pretty shocked to see my reflection in the tile floors and every sink faucet.  I didn’t know that my house was that dirty before or that it could be this clean.  After all, the closest that I’ve ever come to having a maid in my whole life is housekeeping at a hotel.

While the team of ladies from the cleaning service was working their magic at my house, I took my dog to get a bath and a trim.  Now, her spring cleaning is complete as well.

So what’s next on the cleaning list?  Maybe a little spring cleaning of the heart and mind.  I try to put new good stuff in my mind and heart often, but have I ever let go of the old stuff?  The old hurts and hang-ups?  That’s a process that takes a little more than just the spring to do.

What about as a writer?  What would spring cleaning look like in that aspect of my life?  I could always mark out some unneeded adjectives and adverbs.  But seriously, I haven’t pondered this before. 

It was about this time last year when my desire to write started taking shape.  I began reading blogs.  I picked the brains of two ladies in my church (now part of this writers’ group) who had attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference.  And I ultimately launched my own blog.  So is spring cleaning even necessary at this stage of the game? 

I’d love to hear what others on the writing journey do come spring.  Especially now, while I’m still on a high from having my house cleaned.