A week ago on my way home from school I saw a very disturbing site. Two different people were out mowing their lawns. Why do they have to spoil it for everyone? If a few people mow their lawns, then their neighbors will mow their lawns too. It begins a horrible chain reaction that results in me pulling out the old mower, gassing it up and hoping it will start ( ok, actually it is Shaun doing that task but it flowed better in first person). I hate mowing, the runny nose, the itchy eyes and neon green stained sneakers. Despite my dread of this chore I long for thick green grass beneath my toes instead of the soggy brown stuff that has been in my front yard since August. After months of an almost winter and brown dead grass, we crave for thick lush greenery full of life.

The word Lent actually means “springtime.” Many people view spring as a time of growth, a period when new life emerges from the deathlike state of winter. As I type snow and sleet are actually falling. It is cold and dark and I am not even thinking about leaving the house. In a few days or hours ( it is Texas) when the weather starts to warm up ( hopefully for good this time) and I venture back out I will notice a few things as I drive down the street: patches of green in the brown mats of lawn in front of the homes on my street, blossoming trees and a flower sneaking out between the rail ties in my backyard. The birds chirp louder. Bathing suits are on display and more and more people are donning shorts, exposing those pale white winter legs.

Spring is coming but everything doesn’t turn green over night. First we have to make it through winter. We need a period of death to bring us to the empty tomb. We can’t get to this new life without the dreary winter season. We need the old to die and give way to the new life waiting in the soil. The caterpillar must surrender to the butterfly it really is. We must let our selves die to the new creation that Christ intended. We have to accept Christ’s death on cross as the only way to new life. We can’t skip ahead. We have to go through winter, followed by a period of growth. These forty days of seeking and searching out our Father. Preparing for Easter Sunday. We need spring to renew, grow and come up fresh. In a few weeks it will be warm and green all over. The tomb will be empty and our flowerbeds full. If only Christ mowed lawns……..