Reflections on Advent

In the posts over this next month, you won’t find a list of tasks to add to your to-do list or events to add to your calendar. Instead, you will find reflections from six writers whose lives and stories are all different but who all have a heart of encouragement and want to point you to Christ.

The focus of Advent is the celebration of the birth of Christ, the real reason we have anything to celebrate. This season is marked by a spirit of expectation and of anticipation. As we eagerly await Christ’s arrival, we want to use this time wisely to

Enjoy and

It is our hope that you will carve out a little time each day during December to center yourself and your family on the reason for Advent. The twenty-five daily devotionals that follow were written to encourage you. We encourage you to write down your reflections if you wish or even share them with us in the comments. Each devotional ends with a question for you to think about or discuss with your family.

Are you ready to celebrate? If so, bookmark this page, light your Advent candle, and let’s get the season started.